Game on for a better life


Round 1 - Robert Rose Cup!

We're back on!

After a massive first year in 2019, and a year off in 2020, the Team 22 project is kicking off again with the Robert Rose Cup in Round 1 - Bulldogs vs Collingwood. Tune into Channel 7 to see all the action.

Donate below to support the spinal cord injured community.

Game on for a better life!

The Team 22 Story

The Team 22 initiative was founded in 2018 by the Robert Rose Foundation as a program to promote awareness and raise funds for the spinal cord injured community. Bob Rose famously wore the number 22 for Collingwood and Robert became a quadriplegic at the age of 22, creating the name for the program.


Our Incredible Ambassadors

Team 22 is creating opportunities for spinal injured survivors to enjoy a better life.


Each of our ambassadors generously give support, each brave and generous of spirit.


We are proud to share their stories, a personification of the Power of Two.

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