The Team 22 Story

Team 22 is an initiative of the Robert Rose Foundation.


Our aim is to raise over half a million dollars to help spinal injured to move forward with – access to equipment, mental health support (buddies and counselling) and opportunities for participate in life (such as Wheelchair sport)


Bob Rose famously wore the number 22 for Collingwood and his son, Robert became a quadriplegic at the age of 22.


The symbolism and inspiration of Bob supporting Robert was the inspiration behind Team 22, with Bob and Robert’s regular appearance at the footy an iconic image of the 70s and 80s. The power of 2 in adversity.


Our Team 22 initiative was founded on this inspiration of Bob and Robert to raise the profile and awareness of Spinal injured needs across Australia and raise funds for the spinal injured community.


Difficult situations become easier when they are not faced alone.


Team 22 symbolizes the power of two coming together to create possibilities for a better life.


Our Team 22 Ambassadors led by Beau Vernon includes Collingwood stars and famous number 22s, Tony Shaw and Steele Sidebottom along with each of the AFL Vic Wheelchair inaugural wheelchair captains. They ask you to join the movement and harness the power of two.


Together with donation givers, survivors of spinal cord injury can access opportunities to enrich the way they live and show what they can do for the community.

Read about Our Ambassadors here.